Top Five Remodel Trends in Austin, TX

Do you feel that your Austin-area home is no longer serving you? You love the memories you have made, the neighborhood you live in, and the location of your home, but it just doesn’t flow like your dream home would. If you are walking into your bathroom every morning wishing that it was different, you’ve probably started considering selling your house.

But moving isn’t your only option. In fact, selling your house with outdated rooms in your home could actually end up losing you money. Instead, hiring an Austin remodel contractor and tackling areas in your home with the goal of improvement is a much better option from both a quality of life and an investment perspective.

Let’s discuss the top five remodel trends in Austin, Texas, so that you can decide which project you would like to start with!

1.   Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens are an essential part of the home. In fact, many people find that an outdated kitchen is more troublesome than any other room in the house. Lack of adequate storage space, pantry size, and organization of appliances are common complaints from people who are dissatisfied with their kitchens. Outdated kitchens, such as those designed in the 1990s, have many angular cabinets with cherry wood and laminate countertops that are hard to keep clean.

The current kitchen remodel trends show kitchens with open space, plenty of room for organizational baskets and bins, and use lighter colors, such as white or light beige. Countertops are either quartz, granite, or even trendy butcher block. Shelves instead of cabinets are also used in some trendier kitchen remodels to display nice dinnerware or decor.

2.   Bathroom Remodels

As trends change and homes age, remodeling bathrooms quickly becomes a priority. Homeowners have difficulty making sure these spaces in their homes are tidy. Water leaks from showers, sinks or toilets can lead to mildew and dangerous mold. Old vanities and cabinets can really show the age of a home, but a bathroom remodel can elevate a home into feeling much newer.

Remodeling your bathrooms also gives you the opportunity to customize your space. Those with large makeup collections might choose more storage options than someone without, for example. More recent primary bathroom remodels often have a luxury feel. Trending bathroom remodel designs resemble hotels more than they do Texas homes. Bright colors and easy-to-clean tile showers are popular at the moment.

3.   Garage Remodels

The trend of remodeling garages is truly a nationwide sensation. We think that the appeal of these remodels stems from the pandemic lockdown a few years ago when people started to look for more room in their homes to do activities, and the National Association of Realtors agrees. Now, home gyms and home offices in garage spaces are not uncommon, as people have become aware that garages can be more than just a place to store your car and old holiday decorations.

Garage remodel trends include transforming garages into nontraditional spaces in the home. Reorganizing, resurfacing, and painting garages to make half of the garage a home gym and the other half a space for cars to park is very popular. These changes require giving the garage a facelift and even sometimes installing flooring. Overall, garage remodels are focused on creating another “room” in the house.

4.   Living Room Remodels

Another trending change in the Austin area is a return to open concept living. Everything is bigger in Texas, so having space in a big living room to host gatherings and parties is on trend. These remodels can range from simply knocking out a wall to creating a half wall or adding in theatre-style pocket lights and a space on your wall to perfectly mount your flat screen. Installing built-ins is also another trending project for living room remodels.

We can see why living room remodels are becoming trendy because creating the perfect entertaining space is a priority for many people. Especially after years of lockdown and social distancing, getting family and friends together is a must. Fresh paint and fresh flooring are common fixes in living rooms, as well.

5.   Quick Enhancements

Aside from more involved projects, quick and easy enhancements are also becoming increasingly popular. You would be surprised what a fresh coat of paint or new flooring can do to a room. Paint color and flooring trends change from decade to decade, and having something too old can age your space significantly.

Neutral colors are in style at the moment, especially lighter neutrals to invite more light into spaces. Grey hardwood and vinyl floorings are hot, as are geometric patterned tile and oversized wood planks. White and light beige walls are conversation starters as well. Making these changes in your home will quickly align your spaces with the current home trends and get rid of outdated colors. If you aren’t ready to do full-space remodels in the next couple of years but would like a change now, we recommend jumping on board with quick enhancements like paint and flooring.


Are you ready to get started on new home projects in Austin, TX? There is so much potential in your current home to turn it into the space of your dreams without the hassle of moving. If you are interested in starting a remodel, you need to hire an Austin remodel contractor to keep your projects organized and up to code.

OnCall Home Services is prepared to update your home with our expert services. From kitchen remodels to garage makeovers, we are ready to turn your dreams into reality with paint, flooring, design recommendations and more.

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