Home Repair & Remodel

OnCall Home Services has the capabilities to create and see through, the remodeling project and solution that you’ve been waiting for. From additions and add ons to complete interior remodel, We can make the changes you need!

Handyman Services

We have the ability to fix a wide range of common and even not-so-common household issues. If you’ve got minor plumbing problems, minor electrical, wood rot, door damage, siding damage, or anything else that you just need done now, We are OnCall for you! Ask about all of our different handyman services so you can get the help you need today!

Painting & Sheetrock

Maybe you’re looking to brighten up the room with a new shade of paint? Maybe you want to get rid of that old popcorn texture or finally get that water stain on the ceiling taken care of? Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help you see it happen just the way you want!

Home & Property Maintenance

Make sure everything is running the way it should be with monthly, quarterly and annual routine maintenance and preventative care! Everything from light bulbs and air filters to gutter cleaning, dryer vent clearing and more! Call us today to find out more about how OnCall can keep up with the little things so you don’t have to!

Make-Ready Repairs

Are you ready to get that house on the market? Have tenants moving out and need a bit of fixin’ up before Re-leasing? We’re your one stop shop to get it all done right and on time!

No job too big or too small!

We know everyone has different needs, our goal is to find the right help and service, anytime and every time! For a list of all our provided services, please give our office a call today at (512) 703 7302